Welcome to the Dog Dimension

Welcome to the Dog Dimension

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I had to remove the Dog Breeders Genetics Diversity Wiki because the php application that managed the wiki was the victim of a hacking attack.

I have reformatted it as simple web pages. Here is the introductory page

I also plan to use dogdimension.org as the location of occasional essays on general dog matters until I decide if I want to go the wiki route again with a wiki located at a general wiki site which might be less vulnerable to hacking.

The Genetics Diversity Aritcle set has many articles by writers who are serious dog breeders with strong backgrounds in biology and genetics.

Below are some files containing information on AKC dog and litter registrations for selected years

As of April 2010 the AKC Board of Directors moved to cease public publication of numbers of dogs registered with the AKC.

File Name Last modified Download Size
AKCDogsRegBigList.csv 06-Apr-2009 14:25 15k
AKCDogsRegBigList.html 06-Apr-2009 14:21 311k
AKCDogsRegBigList.ods 06-Apr-2009 14:22 39k
2008 AKC Dog Breeds by Popularity
AKC Dogs Registered Table Sorted by Breed
AKC Dogs Registered Table Sorted by Number Registered

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